hilliary replied to your post: its almost 8 am and i never went to sl…

i immediately heard in my head “ill just be over here until the blushing stops” i am so fuckin ashamed that I KNEW EXACTLY wow incredible

we are in alistair hell 


matilda u r a rare & wonderful thing to find amidst all this darkness

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i also imagine carver hawke in the crowd at ostagar, watching the terrified faces of the soldiers beside him and steeling himself for certain death

hearing the cries when the king fell, and seeing the beacon lit, slow cold realization washing over him when the reinforcements never came

torn between duty to serve his king and duty to protect his family

carver hawke ran to save his own life and the lives of his mother and siblings, and part of him has never forgiven himself

and when bethany falls, it is retribution, punishment for his abandonment — and if carver falls in her place, it is a purpose finally fulfilled

Why, if the gods were cruel, they would have made me my mother’s firstborn, and Doran her third.

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  • Me: So, I feel like I need you to sign a binding agreement before I say what I'm about to say.
  • Bret: Oh no.
  • Me: Do you promise to be my friend until the end of time?
  • Bret: Sure, why not.
  • Me: So, I was just playing that Kim Kardashian game and-
  • -Bret has left the server-
By ubiquitous design. It is my destiny to be on top of Desmond Miles.

By ubiquitous design. It is my destiny to be on top of Desmond Miles.


game of thrones s4 one week challenge : day 7 - favourite main character  : Jon Snow



We are all going to watch this movie because BOLIVAR

"… She’s sassy, she’s a little trashy. She likes the dirty jokes. But she’s very distinct from someone like Isabela. She’s very different. She’s much more for the people, about the common good. And when you have a whole party of people that are kind of like Lords and Ladies, she has her own kind of network of spies and stuff that she relies upon that are completely different from anyone else. Meaning that her demeanour, her attitude is kinda like a breath of fresh air in the Inquisition. Everyone is like very serious and then she comes along and is like, ‘I bought you a hat!’"
— Mike Laidlaw on Sera (via flawlesspenis)
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i found the most inaccurate statement in all of warcraft lore:


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