im uninstalling

im uninstalling

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Wow, amazing female Drell!


Wow, amazing female Drell!

She's the definition of a deadly superstition
She ain't got no opposition, little devil on a mission, eh
        She's burning up


Dragon Age Inquisition: Mage Backstories


Born to the Trevelyan noble family of Ostwick in the Free Marches, you were originally intended for a life of privilege—until magical abilities surfaced at a young age and you were forced into a life of confinement within Ostwick’s Circle of Magi.


You grew up in the wilderness, a member of the Lavellan Dalish clan and apprentice to its leader and guide, the Keeper.


No known dwarf, surface or otherwise, has managed to wield magic.


You have earned a place within the Valo-kas mercenary company as its mage, possessing abilities that would have made you a pet slave among your own people, ignoring the fearful looks you receive from those around you.

Warrior and Rogue Backstories



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Hubert Robert - The Waterfall at Tivoli

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Track Title: slayer

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 35min gameplay demo

The video we’ve been waiting for.

"We knew someone special was to arrive. We read beast entrails, saw the omens. We would glimpse her likeness, a mirage in a puddle. She came from the lower swamp. We knew not at first it was her the omens had spoken of. A child of the Elder Blood. The Sown Seed that will burst into flame… She fell into our hands. Elder Blood… The Blood of the Traitress…"

Ciri in the new Witcher 3 gameplay video (x)

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No one makes fun of Taylor Swift, like Taylor Swift does.

No one makes fun of Taylor Swift, like Taylor Swift does.

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lastnight i had a dream tabitha trevelyan was sitting on the throne and cullen came up and tried to flirt with her and she just was just like “so you wanna play with magic” then vivienne popped up behind the throne, pulled a tassle and it turned into this thedosian katy perry’s dark horse meets everybody backstreets back orlesian clusterfuck and andraste had a solo????

  • inquisitor: this sword was made for my hands and my hands only. i am to die wielding it.
  • companion: what's it called
  • inquisitor: meme slayer 9000
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